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CityCenter: Brand Design

Las Vegas, Nevada

Gensler partnered with the MGM MIRAGE Design Group in the development and implementation of an extensive exterior and interior wayfinding for the 76-acre mixed-use and LEED??certified complex. With the objective of creating a cosmopolitan, urban and contemporary—and highly distinctive—center, MGM MIRAGE carefully selected a team of experts to realize their vision. The Gensler brand design team extended the CityCenter vision to many of its residential properties and to the “connective tissue” of environmental graphics and signage. Services included naming and designing the identity for several residential properties, creating collateral to support marketing and sales efforts, and leading the design of landmarks, directional signage, and other environmental cues to ensure seamless navigation for guests and visitors. Moving beyond conventional directional and wayfinding signage, Gensler designed bundled “metal and light” stanchions that have become an important part of the signage program, providing visual landmarks that not only hold important signage purposes, but also enhance the visitor’s overall experience.